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NACE 2002 - 74.5 Labour recruitment and provision of personnel
NACE 2002 - 74.6 Investigation and security activities
NACE 2002 - 74.7 Industrial cleaning
NACE 2002 - 74.8 Miscellaneous business activities n.e.c.

Other services include an extensive range of activities such as labour recruitment, investigation and security activities, industrial cleaning, photographic, secretarial and translation activities. In view of the wide spectrum of different activities it is difficult to describe overall trends that will affect employment and demand for occupations in these areas.

Like professional services, this industry is still less developed in the CR as compared to Western Europe. In 2007 employment in this sector accounted for 1.8% of total employment, while the average for EU-15 was higher by one third. In 2008-2020 there may be a steep increase in employment that could reach up to 20%. Jobs in other business services will be significantly affected  by continuing outsourcing– i.e. transferring some services and specialised activities to external suppliers. This major increase in employment may be justified by several factors. There will be a growing variability of employment contracts and demand for job brokers will increase as a result. There will also be a growing demand for the services of translation agencies, since the links between the Czech and international business will be increasingly closer. Moreover, the Czech Republic has a potential to strengthen its position east of the country. Apart from English and German there will be a growing importance of learning other languages.

As regards requirements for the skills of the workforce, they will differ to a large degree. Even low skilled occupations (cleaning, security) will be much in demand and also in short supply, as the number of candidates for unskilled jobs will dwindle (and demand may slightly grow). It is therefore likely that the number of foreign nationals in this segment will continue to grow. Recruitment of labour and secretarial services that normally require secondary qualifications and, increasingly, language skills, will also face a shortage of labour.  In view of the nature of activities in this segment we may expect only a slight increase in demand for tertiary qualification holders. As the number of tertiary education graduates in business and humanities will grow, an increasing proportion of them they will find jobs in this segment. However, they will often do work that does not require tertiary education.

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