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Collection, purification and distribution of water

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NACE 2002 - 41 Collection, purification and distribution of water

The water industry has the lowest proportion of employees younger than 30 in total employment in the Czech economy. The age structure in the industry has deteriorated considerably in recent years. Demand for specialists was relatively low as major investments were completed and new major water and sewage projects have been launched only in relation to new EU water protection directives.

Althought year-on-year consumption of water per capita decreases, this trend does not have a direct influence on the number of workers. Employment in the industry is likely to drop slightly in the following years as a result of an increasing level of automation and penetration of electronics into the industry, which will result in labour cost savings. There will be the need to expand and, most importantly, streamline the water and sewage networks. Construction of water treatment plants will continue, particularly in small municipalities. As with electricity and gas, water distribution will be facing growing consumer requirements for uninterrupted supplies. This will require, above all, a higher proportion of automation and measuring technologies, which will further increase demand for skilled operators. The trend of growing requirements for efficient water management and the use of sludge from water treatment plants will have similary effects.

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