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Manufacture of other transport equipment

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NACE 2002 - 35 Manufacture of other transport equipment

The manufacture of other transport equipment in the CR covers, above all, railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock, and the manufacture and repair of aircraft. To a lesser degree it concerns the building of ships and boats, motorcycles and bicycles.

The manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock has a long tradition in the CR. The outlook is also good – the development of railway transport is one of the priorities of the EU. In the following years it will be necessary to replace the rolling stock that is becoming outdated. This concerns both the CR and other Central European countries. The market in developing economies, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia, will show a robust growth, and many suppliers will be stimulated to move their manufacturing operations closer to the target markets. New products will be more intensive in terms of technology, automation and the use of electronics, which will be reflected in stiffer requirements for labour force with these qualifications. Moreover, the development of new systems with lower investment costs is expected (light rail transit systems) in regions. The level of innovation intensity of the manufacturing of rail vehicles will increase and so will the demand for designers, constructers and technologists. Overall employment in the manufacture of rail vehicles may fall slightly over the long term as a result of restructuring of companies with foreign capital stakes. However, occupational and qualification requirements will increase and the industry will continue to be a stable employer.

The aircraft industry in the CR experienced a difficult period in the past years with a slump in production in all major enterprises. At present the manufacture of aircraft is therefore represented mainly by light sport and ultra-light aircraft.  The main problem of the aircraft industry did not consist in lack of competitiveness – the quality of the products, the development base and availability of experts were very good. However, the choice of investors did not turn out to be favourable for Czech aircraft manufactures, and the entry of the strategic partner has resulted in a severe deterioration of the global market position for most Czech companies.

One specificity of the aircraft industry is that it is being intensively watched by the political scene and state interventions are more frequent. For this reason it is more difficult to predict future demand for occupations, because it is dependent not only on market developments and technological trends, but also on other factors. The manufacture of aircraft is likely to be a very promising industry still in the following years, and the demand for engineers and technicians will continue to grow. As with mechanical engineering, Czech aircraft manufacturers show a weakness in that they tend to focus on the supply of components. The final manufacture of aircraft, which is the most demanding in terms of design, organisation and human resources, has experienced a major slump. However, there are good preconditions for its picking up again. This should result in higher demand for experts with technical specialisation in aircraft engineering, automation technology, micro-electronics and IT.  The manufacture of ultra-light aircraft and aircraft engines show the best prospects and the CR has been strengthening its position in the markets of developed countries in both these areas.   

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