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Mining and quarrying of other materials

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NACE 2002 - 13 Mining of metal ores
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“Mineral exploitation” on the territory of the Czech Republic involves, most importantly, the mining of raw materials for construction, the glass industry and the chemical industry. As regards construction materials, in particular, there are sufficient resources available and the scope of mining will depend, above all, on the demand on the part of construction and the dynamics of this most important supply sector.

There are some 7,500 employees in mineral exploitation. Jobs in the industry will tend to disappear rather than emerge in the following years, since the outlook as regards the development of construction and the glass industry is less positive. On the one hand, the demand for mineral raw materials in the following years will be adversely affected by the economic crisis and the decline in the pace of residential and office developments. On the other hand, implementation of extensive transport projects and water works will continue thanks to the availability of significant resources from EU funds.  Overall, the industry has a long-term potential and, after the reverberations of the economic crisis die down, the prospects should again be good. Still, there will be changes in the qualification and occupational structure. A decrease in employment will primarily affect workers with basic qualifications who account for roughly one seventh of overall employment in mineral exploitation. This constitutes the largest proportion in total employment in the sector as compared to other sectors of the Czech economy.  

On the other hand, the industry will be face a major threat of a declining number of graduates. This phenomenon that accompanies demographic changes in the CR will affect all economic sectors, but, in mineral exploitation, this will be further exacerbated by a decreasing interest on the part of young people in working in the primary and, partially also, secondary sector. As a result of a shortage of new workforce coming from schools the industry will be forced to pursue a larger degree of automation and increases in labour productivity.

The long-term potential of mineral exploitation in the CR will cause an increase in demand for workers with more advanced qualifications who will ensure both technological innovation in the actual facilities for mining and treatment of raw materials, and the development of new methods for evaluation of the quality and the potential yield from the existing deposits. There will be increased demand for occupations and qualifications that can be used in the process of recultivation of exhausted sites and elimination of the consequences of environmental damage. This is a similar trend as in coal mining

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