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NACE 2002 - 10 Mining of coal and lignite; extraction of peat 

The development of the coal mining industry will depend on whether coal mining limits will be broken or maintained. It is therefore difficult to forecast future demand for occupations in this industry, as it will be influenced by a political decision that is hard to predict at the moment. The forecast of the development in this sector is based on the assumption that coal mining will be maintained on the Czech Republic ’s territory and that these limits will be adjusted. This assumption is also confirmed by experts who consider coal to be an indispensable part of the energy mix of the Czech Republic (both as regards power and heat generation).   

Employment in the industry might only slightly decrease. The phasing out of coal mining will affect a certain part of workers in manual occupations. People aged over 40 will be most at risk. The point is that, in 2008, these workers accounted for a full 68%, which was 17 p.p. more than in 2002.  The industry is ageing and if the coal mining limits are maintained, older workers will face difficulties seeking other employment opportunities. This problem already exists and it is very likely to deteriorate in the upcoming years. The situation is further worsened by a considerable degree of regional concentration of coal mining. Problems particularly concern Northern Bohemia and Northern Moravia, and they constitute a very negative factor of labour market developments.   

The decline in the supply of jobs will be, to a large degree, offset by a decreasing interest in studies and employment in the area of coal mining. There are good long-term prospects for graduates as well as employees as regards jobs concerned with elimination of the consequences of coal mining (recultivation and revitalisation) that will be the result of a changing focus of mining companies. A decrease in the proportion of employees with tertiary qualifications poses a major problem for coal mining. In 2008 they  only accounted for 3% of total emplyoment in the industry, while in 2002 it was still 5%. In this situation technological development and innovation in the industry will stagnate.  

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