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Total of 15 firms in ČR announce mass layoffs in December /15. 01. 2014/

A total of 15 companies in the Czech Republic announced mass layoffs in December last year, compared with 42 in December 2012 and 18 in November 2013, according to statistics from the Employment Office.

As many as 901 people are to lose their jobs, three-quarters of them in Prague. Four Prague-based companies are going to lay off 672 employees in total. The Česká Lípa district will be the hit the hardest, as 48 employees will lose jobs there.

The biggest layoff was announced by state-run freight railway carrier ČD Cargo, which is going to dismiss 379 employees all over the country. State-run postal service operator Česká pošta is going to lay off 175 employees at the end of March.

The Česká spořitelna bank is to dismiss 100 people. The State Material Reserves Administration will lay off 102 people.

A mass layoff is defined as 10 or more workers laid off from the same company with 20 to 100 employees within 30 days, or at least one-tenth of workers in a company that has between 101 and 300 employees, or at least 30 people in a company with more than 300 employees.

An employer is obliged to inform trade unions, the board of employees and the Employment Office about its intention 30 days prior to giving notice to individual employees.

Source: Praguepost.com, 14.1.2014. Full article can be found here.


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