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Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus and manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments

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NACE 2002 - 31 Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus not elsewhere classified
NACE 2002 - 33 Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks

This industry has a strong growth potential in the Czech economy thanks to the know-how as regards supplies of technologies for energy where a considerable increase in demand is expected in the upcoming years. Both in Europe and Asia it will be necessary, in the following years, to invest in extensive refurbishing and construction of new power and heating plants in order to cover the growing demand for energy. However, as regards large technology units, there is a shortage of designers in the Czech labour market (to design them) and of mechanics and technologists (to do the manufacturing part).   This segment should be significantly strengthened in terms of human resources. As most of this demand will be generated in Eastern Europe and Asia, it will be important for Czech companies to secure a worthwhile portion of these markets.  However, success in these markets is conditional on growing occupational and qualification requirements – both at the level of management and in technology, sales and logistics. Language skills and skills in overcoming cultural differences are not the only issues that matter. Entering new markets calls for better management of projects and the supply chain, and the capacity to attract customers. To succeed it is necessary to ensure a better combination of technical, analytical, management and communication skills.

This industry also involves the manufacture of components for the car industry (wire harnesses etc.). Although the automotive industry will be considerably hit by the economic downturn, its links to electrical engineering should strengthen still in the long term. The reason is that the proportion of electrical and electronic components in cars will grow considerably. 

Also, the manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments (NACE 33), which is very demanding in terms of the skills of human resources, should rank among the sectors with good prospects in the Czech economy. There are good employment forecasts both for the manufacture of industrial optical instruments, which ranks among well-developed high-tech industries in the CR, and medical instruments (the demographic developments in the CR and in Europe will strengthen demand for these products). The same applies to automation technology that is penetrating into an increasing number of industries as a result of technological advancement. There will be a growing demand particularly for graduates of tertiary education institutions and, partly, for individuals with upper secondary qualifications.

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