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about forecasting

Why are we not content with analysing the past and knowing the present problems of our economy? Why is it helpful for the labour market to look ahead? Could the implications of the economic downturn and its impact on employment be predicted? What forecasting instruments should be chosen and what instruments are used in the most developed economies of the world?

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Labour market trends

The demand for labour force
on the part of enterprises and
the creation and elimination of jobs
are influenced by various trends.
These trends often originate in the workings of the global economy
and have an indirect impact on the labour market. What is it that affects the labour market at present?

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Industries development

This section focuses on various industries of the Czech economy,
their past and expected
future development. You will find information about the demand for occupations in the given industry,
the expected development
of employment and the age and occupational structure.


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Sector studies

Sector studies facilitate an in-depth exploration of selected parts of the Czech economy and seek to identify links between changes in the global economy and the demand for workers in important sectors. What will be the implications of foreign investors ’ moving further East? When and in what industries is this going to happen? Which occupations will be of key importance in terms of competitiveness?

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Foreign experience

This section has been inspired by the experience of developed countries in the area of forecasting future need for skilled labour. In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada etc., these activities are considered to be an important part of the services provided by labour market bodies, and these issues receive significant attention.

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About us

The National Observatory of Employment and Training participates in many international projects and closely co-operates with the EC, the Cedefop, the OECD, universities and other foreign partner institutions. In the long term we focuses on evaluation of medium-term skill needs in relation to future development trends in the economy.

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